October is coming to a quick close! The snowy season is upon us and I’m driving around with skis and gear in my car nowadays just incase of that after work skin up a hill.

11.3 – Audrey Bernstein Quintet. Claires. Hardwick VT.

11.5 – Audrey Bernstein Quintet. Cork. Waterbury VT.

11.6 – Woodwind quintet. Unitarian Church. Montpelier VT.

11.8 – Audrey Bernstein Quintet. Bees Knees. Morrisville VT

11.12 – Liptak/Evans Duo. Red Hen Bakery. Middlesex VT.

11.16 – Liptak/Evans Duo. Bees Knees. Morrisville VT.

11.18 – Liptak/Evans Duo. 1/2 Lounge. Burlington VT.

11.19 – Ze Jazz. Bees Knees. Morrisville VT.


Check out Audrey Bernstein and her new group, we cut the CD in May and have been playing steadily since.

I’m currently listening to Sons of Daughters, a great trio comprised of tenor, bass and drums. Three improv masters who read each others musical intentions and moves like a book. Saxophonist Patrick Breiner is hopefully coming to VT in February…trying to help him book some gigs…






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