Montpelier Chamber Orchestra: Embrace


Join the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra for two performances this weekend:

Saturday June 8, Montpelier High School 7:30 PM

Sunday June 9, Chandler Music Hall 4:00 PM

Paul Gambill, conductor
Tracy Silverman, electric violin

BEETHOVEN – Symphony No. 5
KENJI BUNCH – Embrace: Concerto for electric violin and orchestra
NATHAN CHAN – Melody to an Unheard Story

This program is the finale of the Life Map Project, in partnership with the senior class at Montpelier High School and the Montpelier Senior Activity Center.

Composer’s Statement about Embrace: Concerto for electric violin and orchestra

In this work, which begins with the solo violin alone on stage, music gradually emerges from offstage, from the back of the hall, and from the audience itself, literally surrounding and embracing the audience in an inclusive celebration of the type of group performance only an orchestral “family” would be able to achieve. The traditional musical tools I usually work with of Western form and functional harmony are, in this one-movement work, set aside in favor of hypnotic rhythmic drives, static but gradually building harmonies, and improvisation over repeated call and response patterns that draw influence from elements of Afrobeat, Indian music, and gospel.

We end the program with Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, a true classic and masterpiece. Please consider joining us!